Richmond ServiceDesk version history  

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Evolving with IT… and our customers

Continuous development of our service desk platform is one of the principles which Richmond Systems is built on. We’re passionate about keeping up with service management and IT trends and proud to respond to our customer feedback. Blending feedback in this way means that Richmond ServiceDesk helps our customers deliver the quality of IT support services that is demanded of them.

Whether you’re an existing customer or investing in a new service desk tool, take a look at Richmond ServiceDesk version history to see what you are missing:

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 13.5
This release brought enhancements to the popular Customer Service Portal (CSP), primarily the activity analysis functionality.  This gives administrators visibility of how the customer navigates and finds answers in the Portal. A dashboard view gives a visual snapshot of activity while the advanced metrics allow for a deep-dive of customer behaviour. The end result is the ability to build an even more effective customer portal, improving service levels and response times.

Other enhancements in Version 13.5 include an email module to communicate via the Richmond ServiceDesk Mobile Client, and an overhauled security and password system.

For a complete list of the improvements, take a look at the Richmond ServiceDesk v13.5 release notes.

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Richmond ServiceDesk Version 13
Mobile was the big focus for Richmond ServiceDesk v13.  This release brought the power of Richmond ServiceDesk to smartphones and tablets. By optimising Richmond ServiceDesk for mobile, there is no need to install and maintain an app.  Support staff and managers simply access via the browser on their device, allowing them to lookup, add, update and manage tickets while on the move.  

The customer portal was also been improved, with a control panel list which shows customers incidents and updates based on relevance, the ability for customers to re-open or close incidents, and additional fields for capturing more precise incident information.   

Richmond ServiceDesk v13 release notes.

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 12
Reporting and portal customisation were the main points of attention for this release. 

The headline enhancement was the introduction of the Customer Portal page designer.  This allows administrators full customisation of fields and design elements of their Portal and individual workflow pages, once again without requiring any coding experience.

A new report generator was also introduced in Version 12, giving unprecedented insight by giving service desk managers a detailed view of incidents and activity.

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 12 release notes.

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 11
Version 11 introduced the Customer Portal Workflow.  This allows administrators to build their own customer support workflows. With a drag and drop interface, the Workflow editor means that service desks staff are able to build self-help solutions within minutes. By making these workflows available via the Portal, Richmond ServiceDesk customers benefited enormously from a self-service IT support platform that is as easy to use as it is to administer. 

A large number of other revisions were made in this release to further improve the customer and administrator experience, take a look at the release notes to learn more.  

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 11 release notes

Richmond ServiceDesk Version 10
This version introduced one of the most significant enhancement to Richmond Service Desk: Customer Service Portal.   Designed to build on the growing popularity of self-service for IT support, the Portal made it simple for customers to log and update their tickets, as well as get further support options.  The Portal has helped our customers reduce the volume of support enquiries while improving the level of service offered to customers. 

The Portal was designed from the outset to be customised, meaning customers could create a highly personalised automated support facility that suited their requirements.

“How do I upgrade to a new version of Richmond ServiceDesk?”

If you’re existing Richmond ServiceDesk customer with a Support+ contract, upgrading is free and simple. Not using Support+? Please speak to your account manager or contact us to begin the process.

“I’m not a Richmond customer and want to learn more”

We’d love to show you how Richmond ServiceDesk can transform your business, contact us to arrange a trial or an interactive demo.