Richmond ServiceDesk

Richmond ServiceDesk combines flexibility and usability with unrivalled depth of functionality. Unlike other service desk tools, there's no need to compromise on performance or features. So you can focus on providing outstanding customer service and delivering value to the business. The equation is simple: power + flexibility + mobility = the ultimate service desk tool. Here's some of the highlights:

Exceptional customer experience

Richmond’s Customer Service Portal quickly guides your customers to the right support page, asks the right questions and delivers the right answers. The Richmond Portal is fully customisable, easy to configure and looks great on any device. Using the portal your customers can raise, review, update, re-open and close their service tickets.  Powered by a unique and highly acclaimed workflow engine, users are guided through the portal to get to the information they need in the fewest possible clicks. The result? Lower support costs and happier customers. 

01 Excellent Customer Service.png

Reduce the volume of phone calls and email requests with Customer Service Portal


Total mobility

ServiceDesk Mobile Client makes your service desk application available for quick access on your smartphone, allowing you to browse, add, update and manage tickets while on the move. With no applications to install or update, Richmond ServiceDesk Mobile is highly cost-effective to maintain and contains all the features that you need for fast and successful ticket management. Customisable views, wizard-driven ticket creation and ticket templates for super-fast logging of support issues are just some of the features that make ServiceDesk Mobile Client an essential component for service delivery teams.

02 Total Mobility.png

Stay connected to your service desk on your smartphone


Performance snapshot 

You know you're providing great customer support. We help you prove it. Richmond’s quick statistics tell you how well you are doing right now with ticket volumes, ticket types, wait times and ticket distribution being just some of the key metrics that are instantly available.  Simply drill-down through stats to see ticket lists and multi-level previews, making it easy to zoom from the big picture to the small details without analysing reams of data.

03 Service Comprehended.png

See trends and status with real-time, drillable metrics


Powerful analytics

With full access to reporting and analytics, Richmond’s dashboards, charts and powerful reporting modules help you visualise and analyse data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the business. With drill-down to underlying details, quick filters, configurable views and single-click export, Richmond reporting provides valuable insight and allows quick, targeted decision making.

04 Powerful Analytics.png

Visualise, analyse and focus on the KPIs which matter to your business


All your assets in one place

Richmond ServiceDesk has asset management integrated throughout and enables you to manage your entire estate of IT and non-IT assets, giving you full control of these issues that underpin productivity. Out of the box asset management means that Richmond ServiceDesk allows you to maintain a complete catalogue of all assets. This means that makes, models, prices, key dates, loans, repairs and location information are readily available for analysis, reporting and exporting. 

05 Assets Controlled.png

Manage assets, warranties and support schedules


Universal integration

Richmond ServiceDesk allows you to access, import and update information from virtually any data source including Active Directory and industry standard discovery and network management tools. External Data Integration creates dynamic links to external sources of information so your service desk always sees a relevant and up-to-date picture of the business IT infrastructure.

06 Universally Integrated.png

Access multiple data sources through one screen


Maintenance mastered

Richmond ServiceDesk's maintenance management captures asset and key date information from acquisition to disposal and provides notifications and warnings when end dates are looming. Whether you are monitoring warranties of IT equipment or planning supplier review meetings, Richmond’s maintenance ensures the information you need is readily available.

07 Maintenance Mastered.png

Maintenance management with stakeholder visibility



Customers satisfied

 Richmond ServiceDesk makes it easy to find out what your customers think about the service you provide. Simply designed customer satisfaction forms ensure a high response rate that allows analysis of overall performance and any particular satisfaction issues.

08 Customers Satisfied.png

Quick, easy and informative customer surveys



Services showcased

The Richmond Service Catalogue ensures that the status of business and technical services is up to date and made visible to service desk users and customers when needed.  Service notifications, colour-coded status indicators, contact details and estimated return to availability times provide a rich service portfolio that underpins service provision.

09 Services Showcased.png

Publish your service portfolio


Controlled and accountable change

. Richmond’s Change Management module allows change requests (RFCs) to be managed from approval through implementation to analysis and review. With configurable change status workflows, the correct progression of change activities are ensured, as is adherence to policies and procedures with task management, risk assessment, web-voting, back-out plans, change review and time/cost recording just some of the features available.

10 Change Managed.png

Visualise, approve and publicise change