Support any user, PC or device. Anywhere.

richremote: remote support made easy

richremote provides extremely fast and secure access to any device, anywhere, allowing you to provide remote support the moment it’s needed.

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Bring your problems to the solution.

richremote provides true cross-platform support, which allows you to securely connect to desktop, server, mobile and embedded devices running Windows, Mac, Android and Windows CE.

richremote fully supports Mobile Device Management enabling IT support teams to access geographically distributed IoT devices such as security cameras, transmitters, healthcare tech and infotainment systems.

richremote: 30 years to perfect remote support

richremote: 30 years to perfect remote support

richremote has saved us a lot of resources and improves our network uptime.
— Dave George, president of AIsleCom

Remote support that’s 30 years in the making

Developed over 30 years by our technology partner WiseMo, richremote gives our customers enterprise-grade remote support capabilities. This means they have full visibility and control over traditional and mobile IT directly from the service desk.  

richremote allows the guest user to:

  • Initiate remote control and support session

  • Trigger an inventory scan

  • Perform a number of remote management display functions

With  richremote , everyone can stay at their most productive place: their desk

With richremote, everyone can stay at their most productive place: their desk

Why IT support teams love richremote

  1. Significant reduction in IT incident resolution times

  2. Improved customer satisfaction because of higher first time resolution rates

  3. Lower support costs as staff are able to stay productive at their desks rather than visiting customers

richremote means these sessions work as seamlessly as supporting a device you're sat in front of. And because it’s part of the comprehensive richdesk service desk and IT support platform, it is plugged directly into the resources and systems your IT support teams use everyday. It’s seamless and invaluable - richremote is remote support made easy.


richremote is bundled with the richdesk suite at no extra cost*.
Now experience richdesk for yourself.


richremote is powered by WiseMo technology

* Depending on requirements, richremote may require additional licences