Support any device. Anywhere

richremote lets you support IT.  Anywhere and anytime.

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richremote is the flexible remote control application that lets you control and support any device from anywhere.  As you'd expect it allows you to manage computers, servers, tablets, smartphones. But it also covers unattended IT assets: security cameras, transmitters, healthcare tech, infotainment systems. Whether your device is Windows, Android, Mac or iOS, as long as you have internet access or connection to your own network, you can support it with richremote.

WiseMo has saved us a lot of resources and improves our network uptime.
— Dave George, president of AIsleCom
Remote support for all your business technology

What can richremote do?

richremote gives our customers enterprise-grade remote support capabilities.  This means they have full visibility and control over traditional and mobile IT directly from the desk.  

But IT is now more than servers and PCs.  The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud IT deployments and the need to tackle Mobile Device Management (MDM) mean that pressure to support more technology, over a growing geographical range, grows everyday.  Our remote device support technologies mean this works as seamlessly as supporting a device you're sat in front of.


richremote is bundled with the richdesk suite at no extra cost*.
Now experience richdesk for yourself.


richremote is powered by WiseMo technology

* Depending on requirements, richremote may require additional licences