Take control of putting your customers in control

Automate your customer service and support: no coding required

Customer support is moving online. Automating your customer service with an online portal gives your external customers and colleagues instant access to help, while drastically reducing the volume of 'routine' yet laborious support queries.

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The drag and drop interface unique to richportal lets you build automated call and customer support pages in minutes without any coding, allowing your customer support teams to use their time improving the customer experience.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.
— Gartner

What can richportal do?

You are in control of your customer service portal

Build-your-own support portal

richportal gives you control of the entire online customer support experience. You design the homepage, create workflows and forms, upload images, create notifications, log incidents, and much more, all with the easy to use drag and drop interface.

Build your customer support portal with drag-and-drop - no coding required

Your customer portal, your style

It's not just the functionality, you have full control of the look of your portal. Create themes to suit your branding, upload your logos and banner, change fonts, create colour schemes, customise menus, and upload your own clickable panels to create a professional customer portal. You can even create multiple profiles, so if you’re an MSP, each customer can have their own branding.

You can manage every element of the support process

Seamless customer support with workflows

Build your own workflows with our easy to use workflow designer, create pages and capture user information via the following controls:

  • Text fields

  • Decisions

  • Panels

  • Buttons

  • Hyperlinks

  • Date fields

  • Pick lists

  • Asset selection tool

  • Custom HTML

Your service desk can track the customer journey - from start to conclusion

Follow the customer journey

Customers sometimes get lost or fail to find the answers they need. With richdesk, the journey is recorded in real time, meaning your analysts and support staff have a complete view.


Intelligent incident logging

You can define how customers log incidents by creating variables. This allows the incident to be prioritised, categorised and assigned depending on the user input.

Give your customers get support wherever they are

How responsive? Mobile responsive

However much you alter and customise it, your customer service portal will be responsive by default, so it will look just as amazing and work beautifully on any mobile device.


richportal is bundled with the richdesk suite at no extra cost.
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