The finest IT support solution includes the finest support experience

richdesk is the best service management and customer support solution available. And it's backed by a support package befitting this quality: richdesk Support+.

Our recently improved customer support package is unrivalled, offering fair and transparent pricing and incredible benefits.   

Benefits of richdesk Support+

Real customer service, no call centres
If you’re a richdesk Support+ customer, you will speak to a UK-based expert every time you deal with us.  We don’t funnel you to an offshore call centre, or force you to fill in a form and wait for help.  If you need support, just call us.  Every one of our team are highly experienced in IT support and know the products inside out.  So whether you need to fix a minor problem or learn how to maximise the value you get from richdesk, richdesk Support+ offers all the support you need.  

Free upgrades.  Forever.
IT service and support doesn’t sit still so we invest heavily to ensure richdesk is perfectly suited for today’s - and tomorrow’s - challenges.  We’re not talking about incremental updates.  No, we invest in the things that will transform your business.

The best news? Every upgrade of richdesk is free.  And whether we upgrade a module or the core product, because our richdesk Support+ customers are entitled to an immediate upgrade, you gain all of the advantages immediately.  No need to get frustrated about missing modules or trying to justify funds for an upgrade.  If you’re a Richmond Support+ customer, everything is included.

24/7 support via the Customer Portal
In the digital age, personal customer support is an extremely rare and valuable community and this is why richdesk Support+ puts it front and centre.  But sometimes, automation is a faster and more effective way to get help.  This is why we offer a customer portal with a difference.

Even out of office hours, our customer portal offers richdesk Support+ customers access to a rich suite of support options. You can log support calls, check their status, access the latest user guides and resources and request upgrades and enhancements.  Our portal is fast and effective because it was built directly within richdesk using our unique workflow engine.  If you’ve tried other support tools, you’ll see the difference immediately. 

"Am I eligible for Richmond Support+?"
Every richdesk customer paying an annual support contract has automatically upgraded to richdesk Support+, so you can enjoy the benefits immediately. If you’d like the benefits explained or want to take advantage of the free upgrade of richdesk, please contact us.

If you’re a richdesk customer without a support contract, you simply need to reactivate it.  Get in touch now and we’ll help you take advantage of richdesk Support+.

Call now on +44 (0) 1428 641616 or click the button below for further contact options. 

Want to know more about richdesk Support+? Download the fact sheet: