Your IT assets are all over the place.
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Centrally manage IT assets with richassets

With the number of devices and IT assets growing at an unprecedented rate, it is imperative that IT professionals maintain order. Unlike other IT support tools which require either a separate module, or integration with third party technologies, asset management is built directly into richdesk suite with richasset.

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Control all your assets with Richmond ServiceDesk

Following well-defined ITIL processes, but flexible enough to be adapted to your exact service management requirements, richasset lets you manage each IT asset, assigning them to users, incidents, problems, RFCs and services. This means you can see how every element of the IT estate is contributing at any given time. 

richasset has integrated features for IT asset management, including:

  • Active Directory scheduled import and updates for organisational units, users and computers

  • Data import from any standard source

  • Supports “one-off” asset additions

  • Asset loans and tracking

  • Service Catalogue allowing many-to-many relationships

  • Asset maintenance and notifications

  • Asset history for moves, additions and changes

  • Automatic asset ID assignment and attachments

  • Asset data security locking

  • Asset customer visibility

What can richasset do?

Put everything in its place with Richmond ServiceDesk's out-of-the-box asset management capabilities

richasset uses configuration item styles to store asset information.  These include alphanumeric, numeric, date, currency, hyperlink and asset ID. In addition, there are settings that control history, tracking, maintenance, locking (asset visibility), shortcuts and icon style. In other words, you display and search your asset management in the way that works best for you.


Active Directory data import

richasset will import from multiple Active Directory domains and will import computer and user organisational units. The data import is schedulable and manages updates and deletions from the Active Directory source. As items are imported richdesk creates/updates the appropriate item (based on its style) and populates the data fields from the source Active Directory attributes.

“We sync kit as its assigned with Active Directory, then we can drag and drop the asset, whether it be phone or laptop etc., to the relevant person. This means it now takes one click on the individual’s name to see all the kit they are associated with.”
— Pete Worrall, EQL Solutions

Harness your auto discovery data

Include discovery data from external discovery tools

If you use an external discovery tool, for example, Microsoft SCCM, richasset can import and add to your asset database. Then there is an XDI (External Data Interface) that allows access to more asset details in ServiceDesk using views where data is read directly from the source database.


Different data source? No problem

richdesk will import data from any OLEDB compatible data source, including CSV files. When items are imported, an appropriate item is created  based on its style. The data import has roll-back capability and can work with complex data structures to create parent and child relationships. Data imports are also schedulable, or can be used for one-off data population.

“Everything is logged and categorised within richasset so we can see exactly where ongoing issues are occurring.”
— Phil Ratcliffe, Strictly Education

Asset maintenance

Any item in the configuration database can be enabled for maintenance.  This allows you to record contractual information as well as specify a start date, reminder date and end date with automatic notifications when these dates are reached. This lets you manage:

• Warranties and upgrades of IT assets including hardware, software, PAT testing
• Contracts with third party suppliers
• Non-IT assets such as fire equipment, heating and cooling systems and alarm systems.

Notify and schedule crucial asset dates

richassets is bundled with the richdesk suite at no extra cost.
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