Remote control with wisemo

Professional remote control software to access your Computers, Servers, Tablets, Smartphones, and other handheld or un-attended devices

WiseMo is the flexible remote desktop control application that lets you control PCs, Servers, Tablets, Smartphones and other handheld or un-attended devices – online over the Internet and offline via your own network. Save time, money and resources by connecting to your important information remotely. It’s like having your computer or device in front of you – even if you’re miles away.

Grows with you . . .

WiseMo's professional grade remote control software offers smart pricing options from one to thousands of users.

No hidden costs . . .

No start-up or cancellation fees - Simply pay for what you need and nothing more.

Easy to use . . .

Simply install and start using - All of your PCs and devices are just a click away.


Business solutions

WiseMo offers professional-grade remote control solutions that meet all of your business’s needs. From wherever you may be, troubleshoot systems, upgrade software, guide users or gain access to all your vital business information, whether it is located on computers, servers, handheld, or embedded devices.

With WiseMo, you are in safe hands. Our tried and true software has been used for over a decade to support mission-critical applications and securely access vital business information. The highest encryption and permission tools are applied, whether a connection is made online over the internet or offline via your company network.

Reach your remote computers and devices from Smartphones, Tablets, Windows, Mac and Linux, wherever you are. Our cloud based connectivity solution provides you access to and from devices that are Internet enabled. Our offline connectivity solution gives you access to and from devices not on the Internet. For added flexibility, our connectivity solutions can be combined to meet your needs for 24/7 on site and off site access.

WiseMo has saved us a lot of resources and improves our network uptime.
— Dave George, president of AIsleCom

Scaleable pricing plans

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WiseMo lets you tailor a remote control package to your needs and budget, giving you the financial flexibility to drive business growth. You can quickly and easily add, remove and manage devices from your on-line subscription account, paying only for the devices you need and the time that you need them. Or go for a more traditional perpetual licensing model.

Our scalable pricing plans make our professional-grade remote control software cost effective for any size business.