Our products

Richmond Customer Portal

A unique customer service portal that drastically reduces support queries and can be customised down to the last detail.

Customers get instant, 24/7 support via an appealing interface that matches the look and feel of your organisation and is easy as pie to create, with no coding required.

Richmond Customer Portal screengrab.png

Richmond Mobile client screenshot.png

Richmond Mobile

An intuitive tool that empowers technicians to be just as productive away from their desks.

Technicians can log and update jobs on their mobile device and pick up new jobs on site, shortening response times, reducing repeat visits and improving service levels.

Richmond ServiceDesk

An all-encompassing help desk application that makes service management faster, easier and more profitable.

IT support teams, facilities managers, HR departments and educational institutions can manage assets, incidents, problems and changes using powerful, user-friendly tools and readily available data.

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Richmond Remote

A seamless and flexible tool that bolsters customer satisfaction and reduces the need for expensive site visits. 

Our integration with WiseMo lets you access any device, anywhere, at any time, and rectify issues remotely. This spares your customers the expense and frustration of downtime, and saves you having to fork out for a site visit.