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Richmond ServiceDesk sits at the centre of your business, allowing you to manage IT support, HR, facilities, assets, requests and customer service, using the same records and the same system. The end result is an exceptional customer experience for every customer, every time.

 And now the customer experience is even better, thanks to Dashboard panels and analytics new in v13.5 of Richmond ServiceDesk. Learn more and see what else is new: 


Happy customers + productive staff =
profit and business growth 


How can we help you deliver a great customer experience?

Automation: smart and efficient help
Automate those time-consuming IT support tasks with our drag-and-drop workflow builder.  Create the process once and your customers enjoy the same high-quality, consistent service every time.

Customer support: untethered
Mobile working is now standard practice and our support tools are fully optimised for mobile devices, meaning you, your teams and customers can work wherever, whenever and however you want. 

See everything
Get full visibility of what is happening in IT: every asset, interaction, and support ticket. But why stop there? Our service management tools manage or connect to every business service your organisation relies on.

Customer service for 2018…and beyond
Customer service has moved online. Our Customer Service Portal gives customers 24/7 help and reduces the volume of reptitive interactions, allowing your support staff to be more proactive.


A great customer experience feels seamless. It looks effortless. And to customers, it just ‘happens’. Let us show you how.

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How the Richmond experience helps you improve customer experience

The help you need. Minus the bills you can do without
Our pricing structure means no add-ons, hidden costs or consultancy fees. Support+  gives you free upgrades and help from our UK team to make everything from routine change through to customising the system. The result? You get the support needed to improve your IT service management and customer service, not a huge consultancy bill.

30 + years in customer support
We've helped hundreds of clients improve their customer service and IT support. We don't just sell software, we know the challenges you face and how to overcome them. This means we help you deploy the tools, alter your processes and change those working practices that will help you master customer service and IT support in your business.

Our clients include:

Richmond is a UK-company, the support is fantastic and everyone there is easy to talk to.
— Simon Eades, IT manager, Wigmore School
The value of Richmond ServiceDesk is clear to see and the people are brilliant to deal with.
— Pete Worrall, systems manager, EQL
Richmond ServiceDesk has taken the IT out of service management, so you don’t need to be an IT specialist to support a user base.
— Steve Broadhead, Broadband-Testing
Richmond ServiceDesk didn’t pay for itself in years, it paid for itself in months and delivers massive cost benefits.
— Andy Carter, Managing Director of BOM

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