richdesk: built to restore sanity to IT and customer support

IT support software has lost its way - learn how we’re restoring some clarity

IT support software has lost its way - learn how we’re restoring some clarity

Following major updates to our software and our observations of the IT and customer support market, we’ve rebranded.  Find out the story of why the industry needs grounding here.

Having been in the business of IT and customer service software for almost 30 years, we’ve got a rich history (pun intended). As Richmond Systems, we’ve seen countless helpdesk suppliers burn brightly and promptly disappear. We’ve seen many service desk companies swallowed by larger IT companies never to be seen again. We’ve lived through the hype of ITIL, witnessed vendors attempting to diversify by claiming their technology can run anything and everything related to IT, and listened to people claim that customer support will soon be automated out of existence.

In short, we’ve seen it all. But as much as things change, some factors remain immovable and indisputable.  Such as the need for dedicated technology to underpin customer and IT support. More specifically, help desk and service desk teams need tools that help them do their job effectively and will do so for many years to come.

Yet despite the obvious and ongoing demand for robust, feature-rich and functional IT support and customer service tools, the software market has gone in odd and unhelpful directions.

Lightweight tools, heavyweight marketing
For example, we’ve seen the growing popularity of consumer-orientated customer support tools backed by heavyweight marketing campaigns. And while these products are accessible and cheap, anyone who has spent time running a serious IT helpdesk or customer service desk knows these tools are quickly shown to be laughably inadequate.

As much as you might try to cut corners, there are many unavoidable truths when it comes to service desk tools. They need to be integrated with assets. They need to be able to follow ITIL processes, but flexible enough to be altered to suit the business requirements.  They must be able to scale up as the business grows and offer automation and portal technology. And they must be built by people who understand the nuances and minutiae of a service desk, not people who think it requires little more than a fancy spread sheet.

As problematic as the influx of shallow, shiny tools is, other vendors have caused similar chaos by moving to the other end of the scale. They force you to buy bloated software suites which perform various tasks which loosely sit under the banner of “IT service management”. Yes, those functions may be valid, but they often cover disciplines far beyond the jurisdiction of the service desk. Customers of these tools are then forced to pay twice: firstly for functionality they never use and secondly, for consultancy to get the bloated technology to perform the simple tasks they need.

Filling the void
Against this backdrop of madness, we decided to refocus on what we do best and build a solution to fill the void. This meant linking together various elements in our portfolio and creating richdesk: the first product designed specifically and exclusively for IT and customer support teams.

richdesk:   everything IT and customer support teams need to work effectively

richdesk: everything IT and customer support teams need to work effectively

Within richdesk, you’ll find modules for every eventuality. So there’s asset management, remote support, customer portal, automation, self-service, problem, change, asset and release management, and reporting. And unlike other products suites, EVERYTHING is included within richdesk. Because of the completeness of richdesk, there’s no additional cost when you want to add other functions, or need for excessive consultancy to make it work. It is 100% focused on IT and customer support. It’s the complete service desk or helpdesk solution and it’s built by IT people, for IT people. The icing on the cake is that we’re UK-based, so you’ll be dealing exclusively with us in Haslemere, Surrey, rather than battling time zones and crackly phone lines.

Yes, we rebranded as richdesk to clarify our offering and how it helps customers. But beyond that, we’ve become richdesk to highlight how badly the IT and customer support software market has drifted from its original aim. Managing customers is a critical business function and the teams who manage it deserve dedicated technology to support the sterling work they carry out.