What everyone is saying about V14!


Thank you to all our customers for the great feedback on version 14. We’ve seen some impressive looking dashboard charts, in particular, it’s interesting how people are using these for visual comparisons of statistics between different time periods. The new portal controls have also been well received, especially the dynamic configuration item picker, and we’ve been encouraging people to use the “CSP User Logins” screen to monitor portal activity – it’s very rewarding to see the effort put into portal design translate into more users spending more time using on-line support.

Since we launched v14 one month ago we’ve been prioritising the next set of features for release. Today we are delighted to announce an update to v14 with charts now available on the customer service portal, configurable auto-refresh periods for dashboards, a new text control that allows you to specify formatted text using a WYSIWYG editor, and new CSP controls that allow customer comments to be fed directly into the incident summary or detail.

Remember, it’s easy to upgrade but we are always here and willing to help you.

For more information about v14 click here.

Will Johnson