“I need to incorporate Agile/DevOps/flexible working principles”

This is a common challenge for service desks.  DevOps/Agile principles are becoming an extremely popular way to improve the deployment and optimisation of IT tools and services.  Unfortunately, as service desks are classed as Operations within a DevOps context, they are not always consulted as these projects roll out.  

The good news is that the service desk sits at the pivot point between the business and IT.  It is the one function within the business that understands both ‘parties’, with enough technical knowledge to speak intelligently to developers, but with the business awareness and practical understanding which creates empathy with the customers. 

DevOps central
Therefore, the service desk is the perfect engine room for DevOps. Even though it may not instigate DevOps, the service desk will invariably be the key force driving its ideas forward.  This puts the service desk in a very strong position for defining the future direction and success of IT within the organisation.  

The service desk holds the customer data and has the tracking and logging technology you need to coordinate a DevOps approach to deploying and improving technology.  If you’re a Richmond ServiceDesk customer, then you are certainly covered in this respect!

Richmond ServiceDesk is brilliant at tracking the interdependencies between assets, services, and customers. It’s also perfect for building case notes because they can be associated with anything - individual, asset or service.  For DevOps purposes, this makes the process of learning about problems, and linking customer feedback to these problems, very simple.

Another benefit of Richmond ServiceDesk in this context is how easy it is to create a workflow website in the latest version.  This is typically used by our customers to create/edit an online support portal.  But because it’s so easy to do this, it would be equally simple to create a feedback portal for new and existing services.  This could then become the fulcrum which DevOps is built on, create a really organic resource for managing feedback and development.

The key to DevOps is collaboration.  Yes, you need a flexible and comprehensive service desk platform to facilitate this approach.  But the key is ensuring that everyone in the business is able to contribute to the future success of IT.  And the service desk is best qualified to offer the platform to do this AND show the rest of the business the mindset they need to adopt.