How to support remote technology and remote workers

Are you supporting technology dispersed across multiple locations? Does your service desk help workers scattered across the country? Eric Wright explains how to transform how you support remote technology. 

We’re all accustomed to remote support: the concept of a service desk agent “taking over” the user’s PC to action a fix.  But what about instances where there’s no user to authorise the remote control session? What happens when your service desk is trying to fix technology in remote locations, without the benefit of a human being to instigate the remote support session?

This is exactly the situation faced by ASleCom, the mobile carrier providing telephony to the citizens of Grenada.  Its cell sites are scattered around the island meaning that when customers reported a problem, an expensive and time-consuming engineer visit was often the only way to action a fix.

The solution was elegantly simple.  WiseMo, the remote support tool, was installed on Android devices located at each cell site.  This allows the AlsleCom support team to remotely log into each site and perform the necessary support action.  You can read the full case study here.

Remote support integration
This solution for managing dispersed technologies and workers is made even more powerful by linking it directly with a ticketing and service management platform.  By embedding remote support tools into the service desk solution, support is seamless, regardless of whether a traditional interaction takes place, or whether the remote support tool is called upon.  Having all these tools in one place means the records are accurate and the customer receives a seamless support experience.

This is why we are the European distributor of WiseMo and have created a deep integration with Richmond ServiceDesk. WiseMo is an extremely valuable remote support tool as a stand-alone product.  But integrating it with a powerful and comprehensive service desk tool like ours ensures it becomes part of the IT support fabric, allowing you to support remote technology – and workers – without any geographical constraints.

Do you support remote technology or workers? Arrange a demo to see how Richmond ServiceDesk and WiseMo can improve your service quality and reduce costs.