Managed service Provider (MSP)

Manage service management and customers with ease

In this fast-moving world it is critical that as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you stand out from the crowd. Your customers need to know you are ahead of the game when it comes to looking after their business infrastructure.

Your customers rely on you to proactively keep their business running with the minimum of fuss. Expectations are high on you as a supplier.  Like all MSPs, you are measured on performance and cost. Choosing the right tool for the job is paramount to your success, and Richmond ServiceDesk is the preferred choice for Managed Service Providers who want total control over their IT services.


User friendly portal

Customer portal

The Customer Service Portal within Richmond ServiceDesk allows employees to find general HR information, make support requests, and view the status or update existing requests. Quickly filter lists of request, activities and issues by asset and location through drag and drop onto a colour-coded interface.

Incident lists

Incident list

Stay on top of all incidents across all your customers.

Richmond ServiceDesk allows rapid viewing of support requests across individual and multiple customer organisations.


Fast, flexible organisation


A configuration database that supports multi-level organisational structures with templates for quickly adding new customers, contacts, assets and service agreements.

Empower your customers


For most MSPs, pushing knowledge to customers is a key objective, however not many achieve it.

Our flexible Customer Service Portal is easily customised for individual customers. This helps increase engagement and allows customers to find the information they need without your direct involvement, allowing you to deal with their more complicated issues.