HR management

Putting the ‘human’ in human resources

You need to be able to respond quickly, consistently and securely to a diverse range of HR and personnel-related issues. You also need to spot trends and identify the issues affecting employee satisfaction, increase engagement with your HR processes, and help resolve the issues your employees raise. For human resource management, you need Richmond ServiceDesk.

Say goodbye to multiple systems and spreadsheets. Stop discussing sensitive information by email. Ensure the advice and information your employees are given is accurate and helpful. Read on to discover how you can help maximise your employees time as well as your own.


Integration with your company directory

Integration with company directories is simple and quick, so you can build and maintain an up-to-date employee list within Richmond ServiceDesk.

Service Level Management (SLA)


Ensure that HR staff respond promptly to employee requests, and apply the appropriate priority depending upon the urgency of the issue or request. Automatically create response and resolution targets with escalation to ensure that service goals are optimised and achieved. Impact assessment automatically adjusts timings to ensure the appropriate prioritisation of support and technician workloads.


User-friendly interface

Customise menu

A Customer Service Portal that allows employees to find general HR information, make support requests, and view the status or update existing requests. Quickly filter lists of request, activities and issues by asset and location through drag and drop onto a colour-coded interface.

Incident and request management

Incident and request managment

Incident and request management which allows HR staff to quickly log, prioritise and escalate requests from staff. Set up response templates to allow standard, company approved responses to common questions, saving time and ensuring employees receive the information or help they need.


Other benefits:

Rapid deployment . . .

Richmond ServiceDesk is designed for rapid deployment. The installation process takes care of most things automatically, leaving just a connection to Active Directory and Email then you are ready to go.

User acceptance testing . . .

We offer a free software for user acceptance testing (UAT), which ensures that users are familiar with the system and happy with the way it works before going live.

Perpetual concurrent licensing . . .

Our perpetual concurrent licensing model with the ability to create named users on an ad hoc basis works out cheaper than any other licensing model and ensures the customer can keep using our system for as long as they like.

Designed for modern browsers . . .

Richmond ServiceDesk is designed for modern web browsers and delivers full functionality faster than a native windows application. Support teams love using our software, which significantly helps to overcome the natural resistance that some people have to change.

Save money . . .

Using Richmond ServiceDesk saves money by providing more efficient support, improving customer service, and eliminating long-term problems which impact user productivity.

Works out of the box . . .

Richmond ServiceDesk provides an out-of-the-box service management system that can easily be customised to specific requirements. All customisations are maintained during updates to new version releases.

Easy to use . . .

The Richmond Customer Service Portal ensures company-wide adoption of self-service by providing an application that is extremely easy to use and delivers the information that customers really need.

Highly flexible . . .

Richmond’s unique all-inclusive licensing provides concurrent access to all ITIL functionality. There is no need to buy additional modules, simply use what you want when you want.