BOM increases revenues 40%

Project background
For 50 years, Bristol-based BOM IT Solutions has delivered, integrated, and supported business technology for its customers. With an ethos of “quality first, customer foremost”, BOM prides itself in helping business maximise their IT investment, ensuring that technology is constantly available and delivering value at all times.

richdesk didn’t pay for itself in years,
it paid for itself in months, and it continues to
deliver massive cost benefits.”

Because its incumbent call logging and tracking system had become cumbersome and limited in functionality, Andy Carter, Managing Director of BOM, decided the time was right to look at other technologies available.  The procurement process began in earnest with a visit to the Service Desk and IT Support Show (now the IT Service Management Show), which introduced Andy to a huge array of products.  He explains how BOM began to zero in on its preferred supplier richdesk.

We’d heard good things about richdesk and we had an immediate rapport with Eric and the boys.  They’ve been in the business for a long time and just immediately spoke our language.  They answered all of our questions and the product clearly delivered what we needed.  We were very impressed when we dug deeper and Will was able to not just answer our questions, but show us how to do it on a live system,” said Andy Carter.

Internal issues meant it was some time until BOM could commit to working with richdesk, but once the contract was signed, the process to roll-out richdesk took weeks rather than months.  Andy attributes this to the quality of the product, the experience of the richdesk team, and most of all, the people.

“It’s a cliche, but you work best with people you get along with.  The relationship we have with richdesk is excellent – they are responsive, flexible and work hard to understand and improve our business.”

richdesk immediately makes a difference
Andy says the benefits of using richdesk were quickly apparent, allowing his teams to work more efficiently, with processes well mapped and staff benefiting from access to all key information needed to action fixes and support customers.  Yet the most profound and eye-catching improvement of working with richdesk came about by giving BOM visibility and understanding of everything it does as a business.

One of the differentiators for BOM is its comprehensive support, which gives businesses across the South West and Wales crucial IT Support Services in flexible and affordable packages based on hours required rather than a fixed cost.  Unfortunately for BOM, it had no clear way of seeing exactly how much effort was being afforded each customer, where the value was being achieved in each interaction, and crucially, the profitability of each customer to the business. 

Because richdesk tracks every element of the support and delivery process, Andy and his team began to see that the cost structure was sometimes inaccurate.  Nic Symonds, Operations Director built a spreadsheet fed by richdesk with the key information about each customer, and the resulting data showed BOM that some customers were underpaying for the service.  In some cases, the complexity of the interactions meant that certain clients were actually costing BOM money to service.  Armed with this new source of knowledge, Andy and the team were able to speak to customers about changing or upgrading their support packages.

“The richdesk team hasn’t just helped us improve IT
support, they have helped us become a more efficient
and profitable business”

Revenues up 40%
The process of reassessing the cost to serve each customer has already delivered profound results.  By revisiting each customer, adjusting billing where necessary and exploring ways to trim or expand support, BOM has seen revenues jump by 40%. With income of more than £500,000, the cost of installing and maintaining richdesk is clearly a drop in the ocean.  “Richmond ServiceDesk didn’t pay for itself in years, it paid for itself in months, and it continues to deliver massive cost benefits.”

Andy Carter has become a clear advocate of richdesk technology, and the company’s approach to solving IT challenges.

“We would recommend richdesk, to any business that wants to make its IT support more efficient.  Crucially, we think that by working with richdesk and its technologies, Service Desks can understand their costs, the benefits they bring to customers, and ultimately prove the value they bring to the business. The richdesk team hasn’t just helped us improve IT support, they have helped us become a more efficient and profitable business,” concludes Andy Carter.