Pall-Ex upholds reputation for quality with richdesk

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Pall-Ex has been providing palletised freight distribution across the UK since 1996. It’s success is built on first-class service meaning that IT responsiveness and quality are of paramount importance. This case study explains why working with richdesk has enabled Pall-Ex to maintain its reputation for service excellence. 

Among its extensive list of accreditations and awards, the stand-out achievement for Pall-Ex was becoming the first and only pallet network to achieve ISO 9001: 2015, 2015 for network-wide quality - the gold-standard accreditation. Crucial to maintaining this high-level of service is being able to deliver accurate information at all times. This includes supporting business services and responding quickly to IT problems is critical, as Dave Dunhill, director of IT, explains.   

“The Pall-Ex network works around time constraints. A delay in responding and dealing with an incident can result in the failure of customer deliveries. As a result of this the support desk needs to react quickly and efficiently.” 

Before seeking a dedicated service desk solution, the support team were using an ad-hoc system for helping customers. “Previously there was not service desk solution. The team were working from a shared mailbox which was causing huge amounts of confusion and lack of visibility for both the team and our customer base.”

Having investigated several support desk tools, richdesk offered the best combination of functionality and ease of use. The implementation process confirmed that the right provider had been selected. “The planning of the solution was the most time consuming. The actual migration was done in a couple of weeks with an agreed cut over date. Most of the effort was concentrating on planning to ensure we covered off as many scenarios as possible.” 

Pall-Ex has been using the for almost year, for IT support, RFC (Request For Change) and the self-service portal. Dunhill explains in more detail the impact this has had on the business.

“We support in excess of 1000 users. Initially we started with implementing the incident management module. Since then we have further added the self-serve portal and RFC module. I would estimate around 80% of the volume comes via the traditional email or phone into the support desk. Around 2% will be RFC’s and the remaining will be logged via the self-service portal.” The plan is to gradually increase the number of incidents logged and handled by the self-service portal, to further improve service levels.

According to Dunhill, the success of the project was dependant on one very important factor. “It is important when looking to implement richdesk to spend time planning. Analyse your processes and use the system to make necessary changes processes within the business. This takes time but without a doubt, the planning and project management, coupled with the system functionalities, will be the difference between success and failure.”

The transition into self-sufficiency has also been rapid, thanks to the combination of help provided by the richdesk support team and usability of the software.

“In terms of system versatility and ease of use, this is being administered in-house with relative ease. The relevant training was provided by richdesk as part of the implementation. Initial calls were placed when the systems was rolled out in its phases. However, we became self-sufficient relatively quickly.”

The planning has certainly paid off. Using richdesk has delivered a number of benefits as Dave Dunhill explains.

Feedback from customers has been very positive, with the consensus being that the quality of the service has “vastly improved” since installing richdesk.

“It has created incident ownership and continuity for customers even if their ticket involves multiple agents working across multiple shifts. Centralising the information means that communications have improve, as is the traceability of the incidents and changes.” 

Feedback from customers has been very positive, with the consensus being that the quality of the service has “vastly improved” since installing richdesk.

Most crucially, the accurate, timely service that is essential for the smooth running of daily operations is being delivered. “The implementation of richdesk has assisted in organising the support team which has reduced response and resolution times. Specifically it has been important for us to measure the volume of incidents and the time of day to make management information relating to support desk cover.”

The “bigger picture” of IT activities that richdesk presents not only helps Dunhill and his team with planning, it also helps validate the work they are doing to support the business.

“The overall service has improved since installing richdesk and we’re now able to report on the service we provide. Various statistics are used out of the system to highlight to the Pall-Ex board the volume of calls, outstanding calls and call categorisation.”

Eric Wright