WRS Systems keeps tills ringing for Costa Coffee

WRS Systems provides and supports point of sale technology for retailers such as Costa Coffee. This case study explains how it uses richdesk to keeps the tills ringing.

WRS Systems uses Richmond ServiceDesk to deliver retail EPOS support

WRS Systems uses Richmond ServiceDesk to deliver retail EPOS support

WRS Systems supplies and maintains EPOS systems across the UK and Europe.  Serving the hospitality and retail sectors, WRS prides itself on delivering innovative, reliable and secure systems, working with large multi-site retailers such as Costa Coffee, through to smaller independent retailers.

A dedication to quality, and the mission-critical nature of point of sale for retailers of all sizes, means that IT support is one of WRS’ primary concerns.  

Chris Jackson, Technical Director for WRS Systems explains the importance of service to the success of the business. “The retailers we work with are high turnover businesses that are heavily dependent on EPOS, often operating with just one or two tills.  This means that our priority is always making sure every EPOS is running at an optimum level.”

"richdesk is clearly set up by people who have used a helpdesk. richdesk understands the business we’re in and this knowledge shines through when using the product."

To ensure that the tills keep ringing, WRS operates a fleet of field engineers and a ten-person help desk, who together deliver nationwide support, 7 days per week.  Support is delivered via an active interface on each EPOS, meaning that any problems are reported to WRS immediately.

Once the incident has been reported, it must be dealt with efficiently and comprehensively and to underpin this, WRS uses richdesk.

Approximately 400 calls are fielded each week and each one is immediately logged with richdesk.  Recurring or common problems, such as credit card log outs, are assigned a quick support ticket within richdesk which are then quickly solved and closed.  More in-depth issues are logged as incidents, and are then tracked to conclusion.  At this point, the main differences between richdesk and other ticketing systems become apparent.

“Firstly, we can assign calls to each user/customer.  This means we can immediately get a view of each incident in relation to each specific customer, rather than a general overview of the problem.  We are notified if the incident is reopened and we can track everything through to conclusion.  Assigning an incident to each customer is a drag and drop process - it’s easy and fast for our helpdesk staff to use.”

It is this speed and ease of use that helps WRS maintain its strict service levels and ensure the shops maximise their trading potential.  The flexibility of richdesk means that customisation has been kept to a minimum, helping WRS control its costs while creating the support platform that perfectly suits its business.  “I'd say 99% of the richdesk customisation we’ve done ourselves.  We’ve been able to alter the screens and capture fields and we’ve created an email auto response which sends the customer's call log, so they can see the progress of the ticket.”

Accounting for every change and update is critical to WRS to deliver a seamless service, and Chris explains why this happens even with a mobile workforce.  “One of the reasons we like richdesk is because it’s a web application. This is crucial to us because it allows our fleet of field engineers to work from anywhere. They can log and monitor calls from an iPad or any device at home, on site, etc.”

“I'd say 99% of the richdesk customisation we’ve done ourselves.”

Chris also values the compressive nature of richdesk, which gives his team total visibility of what’s going on.  “We use SQL and because richdesk supports this, we can interrogate the data ourselves and gain all the insight we need”.

richdesk is also used to track and monitor expiry dates for things such as software licensing.  By integrating asset management in this way, WRS is able to maintain a tightly controlled IT support operation, with visibility and control of all the elements which impact the service delivered to customers.

Although WRS is investigating the self-service capabilities of richdesk, Chris explains why in many instances, a traditional support process is preferred.  “If you have an EPOS problem, you just want to report it and the fix to happen in the background.  The last thing we want to do is force customers to log onto a website and try to action a fix themselves when they are trying to run the shop”.

The importance of the working relationship is often overlooked when organisations procure enterprise software and Chris explains why it has been so valuable to him and his team. 

richdesk have been great to deal with. We’ve had very few issues and the few we have experienced were dealt with swiftly.”

But the key reason why WRS trusts richdesk is because it is built and supported by people who ‘get it’. “It’s clearly set up by people who have used a helpdesk. It’s not just a call logging system, we can monitor every call and richdesk shows us each step with as much detail as we need.  The team at richdesk understands the business we’re in and this knowledge shines through when using the product.”

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