Ocram IT finds “perfect solution” in richdesk

Service desk software sometimes forces businesses to work a certain way to suit its processes, but in richdesk, Ocram IT found a solution which gave the freedom and flexibility to underpin its support operation.

Project background
Southampton-based Ocram IT has provided IT support and hardware repairs to Hampshire businesses and individuals for almost 30 years.  From its origins as a hardware maintenance specialist, Ocram IT steadily expanded its portfolio of services and as volumes increased, it needed a system that could provide an accurate and efficient way of logging tickets and tracking jobs through to conclusion.  When Marco Facchin, managing director of Ocram IT began scoping possible solutions, compromise appeared inevitable.

“Most service management solutions were either for allocating field-based engineers, or ticketing systems which were difficult to customise.  As we offer a range of services such as emergency onsite call-outs, walk-in repairs, and inbound support calls, we didn’t fit into any of the categories defined by the service management tools available,” explains Marco.

“richdesk’s responsiveness is superb and the guys have
really looked after us.  The end result is the service desk
software does exactly what we need it to.”

With six engineers who split their time between the workshop and working in the field, and two support agents dealing with inbound queries, Marco needed a solution which spanned disciplines that are connected, but have been historically separated by service management software.  Fortunately, during the selection process, he began talking to richdesk and found a service desk tool to fit the bill.

Reducing the complexity of IT support
richdesk is completely tailored for us, it is inherently flexible and the team at richdesk have helped us make the adjustments we need.  We use it for walk-in repairs, for pay-per-job work, managing customers on maintenance contracts, support calls and onsite fixes.  Because the system is so comprehensive, we are able to deliver the same experience with the same level of accuracy and accountability regardless of what type of job is being carried out.” 

Every job or incident is raised in the same way, as Marco explains.  “Everything that you’d expect is added to the job; inspection status, awaiting parts, associated calls etc., but we can also attach other resources such as VOIP calls or images guiding the customer through the fix.” 

The closed-loop process continues regardless of where Ocram IT staff happen to be working with customers.  “richdesk allows us to log, update and close tickets while on the road via mobile devices, creating a very efficient service which means nothing is missed.” 

This clean and efficient working process underpinned by richdesk also helps staffing issues.  “When we need to induct a new engineer or member of staff, it becomes very simple because we show them where to get the relevant information in the system, where you find information on each client etc.  Not only does this speed up the time it takes for them to work efficiently, it also teaches them the way we work as a business.”

“richdesk has helped us build and define the way we work as a business.
It’s a fantastic system.”

As well as supporting a smooth-running operation, working with richdesk has also led to other benefits. “We use richdesk to track software renewal costs and dates, meaning it flags up when client software licences need refreshing.  We have even had instances when we’ve warned the client of an imminent renewal before the software provider does. This feature has proven to be extra useful because it helps us predict our incomes based on renewals.”

Service desk software value beats cost every time
Marco was recently approached by a service desk software supplier which offered its services on a “low-cost, per-user” basis.  “These systems look very appealing on paper, but I realised that as soon as you added any complexity, or wanted to adapt it, the costs quickly add up.  richdesk’s responsiveness is superb and the guys have really looked after us.  The end result is the service desk software does exactly what we need it to so we have no need to look elsewhere.”

Cost is clearly a consideration for any business sourcing service desk software, but Marco says you shouldn’t assume that finding the cheapest option necessarily delivers value to the business.  “To be honest, we might be able to find a ‘cheaper’ system, but if it didn’t allow us to work the way we want to work, it wouldn’t be even remotely cost-effective. richdesk is genuinely the perfect solution for us.”

Future plans
Ocram IT is currently trialing a system which allows GPS tracking of engineer movement, and this could be instrumental for dealing with disputes and providing accurate billing.  “We bill customers on an hourly basis, and if they query how long we were onsite, the GPS marker will support our case.  This information will be automatically added to the incident within richdesk.”

Overall, Ocram IT has found the perfect solution which allows it to keep total control over a broad range of complex services.   “richdesk has helped us build and define the way we work as a business.  As we continue to grow and expand service, richdesk means we’re future proofed and still exploring the possibilities of what the technology can offer us.  It’s a fantastic system.”

To learn more about how richdesk can help you with your service desk challenges, improve IT support efficiency and show business value, start your trial now.