Service desk software to power your digital future

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To deliver responsive IT and digital transformation, you need a rock-solid service desk and ITSM platform.  

Introducing Richmond ServiceDesk: the fastest, most-feature rich and reliable service desk solution available.   

Service desk software built specifically for:

  • IT service managementEasily manage and control every aspect of your IT infrastructure and user support
  • Enterprise service management. Manage HR, facilities and other business functions to maximise your investment
  • Customer service. Build self-help portals and automate support to provide unparalleled service levels and efficiencies
  • Best practice.  The flexible yet reliable platform you need to support DevOps, Lean, Agile, Business Relationship Management and digital transformation  
  • Managed services.  Deliver unmatched service levels and quality in this competitive space

Reframe what's possible from a service desk

We've been in IT service management for more than 25 years, and hundreds of clients have benefited from Richmond ServiceDesk and our dedication to service.
Are you ready to change the way you look at ITSM?

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Our clients include:

Richmond is a UK-company, the support is fantastic and everyone there is easy to talk to.
— Simon Eades, IT manager, Wigmore School
The value of Richmond ServiceDesk is clear to see and the people are brilliant to deal with.
— Pete Worrall, systems manager, EQL
Richmond’s responsiveness is superb and the service desk software does exactly what we need it to.
— Marco Facchin, managing director of Ocram IT
Richmond ServiceDesk didn’t pay for itself in years, it paid for itself in months and delivers massive cost benefits.
— Andy Carter, Managing Director of BOM
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What's your service desk challenge?


Replace my service desk . . .

Do you need a service desk that's faster and more responsive? Do you need one suitable for use on mobile devices? Perhaps you need to reduce support costs? Or are you looking for a solution that supports enterprise service management or DevOps? Richmond is flexible and powerful enough - whatever your challenge.

Get better support from my service desk provider . . .

Does your current service desk provider force you to use an outdated FAQ or call a contact centre on the other side of the world? We don’t force you to speak to call centre agents who read from a script. In fact, we don’t have a call centre at all. We do however employee people who understand your service desk challenges and know our products inside out. They just happen to pick up the phone. Call us and we help.

Improve automation/self-service/customer service . . .

You want to automate the mundane IT support tasks and provide 24/7 support? Not only do we have the best self-service portal available, our workflow tools let you build your own support webpages. No coding knowledge is required. It's a revolutionary approach to customer service that will revolutionise your service desk.

Digital transformation and more flexible IT . . .

Many service desk tools are incapable of fitting into the fast and fluid way of running IT. Richmond ServiceDesk is different: it was coded to let your team operate the way that's best for them. So whether it's agile, Lean, DevOps or another approach, we help rather than hinder how you work .

Improve my service desk efficency . . .

Richmond ServiceDesk is so fast and comprehensive that customers immediately improve their efficinecy. Added to that, we have the best self-service portal available, reducing costs further. And our unique licencing means your costs are always fair, without any nasty hidden charges.

Remote support of customers and devices . . .

To support the mobile workforce and dispersed IT, you need tools that are themselves mobile and adapatable. Our tools are inherently mobile friendly, while our remote support tools are powerful and fully integrated into the service desk. It means IT support is consistently brilliant - regardless of user location.