Help desk software and guidance from the real experts

Richmond ServiceDesk ensures your support teams consistently and easily deliver excellent service to their internal and external customers.
So easy to use, rapid deployment, flexible and scalable for the best user and customer experience.

What’s your service desk challenge?

A new service desk

I need a service desk that’s faster and easier to use, works on mobile, and supports ITIL, DevOps, Agile and other service management approaches.

To improve efficiency

I want to empower mobile technicians to work faster and smarter and save on admin costs by managing assets and tickets in one place.

To save time

I’d like to reduce the number of customer tickets and update requests by automating routine support tasks and helping customers help themselves.

Flexible service desk software

I need software that doesn’t force everybody to work a certain way: software that fits my business requirements and can adapt when those requirements change. 

To support my customers better

I want to make it quicker and easier for customers to get the help they need. I need to make the customer experience more seamless, more consistent and more satisfying.

Better support from my provider

I don’t want to use outdated FAQs and call centres on the other side of the world. I need more personable support from a UK-based team that knows the product and my industry inside out. 

With Richmond you will

Work faster
Improve speed and effective resolution

Work smarter
Reduce firefighting and crises

Work anywhere
Anyone can use ServiceDesk

See everything
Enable proactive support

Amaze customers
Manage support effectively and increase customer retention

Get help fast
Go live in days with minimal training

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Why Richmond? 

Service professionals today face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, which is why we design our software and services from extensive real-world experience. We deliver specific solutions for all types of service teams, and support them at every stage of their journey to ensure they deliver service excellence. 

Apart from the technical superiority and usability of Richmond ServiceDesk, developed and managed by the most experienced team in the market, we genuinely care about our customers and relish their success. We believe in honesty, integrity, openness and truth. We are in it for the long term and will always be on your side; your trusted partner that truly understands your service issues and needs to keep you ahead of the game.

The Richmond impact

Peace of Mind
Freedom to do what you do best
No surprises
Lower risk and easy to trust
Satisfied customers
Happy customers assured
Less pressure and stress
In control so less hassle
Focus on causes not symptoms
Job satisfaction
More fulfilling role and recognition
Personal service from real experts who care


Our clients include

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