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Why do service management pros trust Richmond ServiceDesk?

Not all service desks tools were created equal. Do you want a customer and IT support tool that looks pretty and minimal? Or do you need software that lets you offer customers the service they demand and gives your teams the control and intelligence they rely on? Managing IT and managing customers is not child’s play. It’s a complex challenge and it’s business critical. It requires smart people using smart technology.  That’s why when it comes to choosing service desk and customer support tools, the pros use Richmond ServiceDesk.


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Our clients include:

Richmond is a UK-company, the support is fantastic and everyone there is easy to talk to.
— Simon Eades, IT manager, Wigmore School
The value of Richmond ServiceDesk is clear to see and the people are brilliant to deal with.
— Pete Worrall, systems manager, EQL
Richmond ServiceDesk has taken the IT out of service management, so you don’t need to be an IT specialist to support a user base.
— Steve Broadhead, Broadband-Testing
Richmond ServiceDesk didn’t pay for itself in years, it paid for itself in months and delivers massive cost benefits.
— Andy Carter, Managing Director of BOM


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